A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

(v0.13 - 8/20/2015)

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Intro: So, this game was originally meant to be released for SuNoFes2015, but unfortunately, I was too optimistic about what I could do in a month. Though, I was able to finish a lot of things before the deadline (other than expression coding hell), so, here's the demo! I hope you enjoy it!

Please let me know what you thought of the game, either by posting in the thread or by sending me a PM on LSF! I would love to know what I could improve in this game. (Letting me know about bugs is also very much appreciated!)

★ Approximately 3,000 words
★ 7 unique tracks - available in the Extras screen
★ Lasts for 3 weeks in game-time
★ Crafting (cooking) system
★ Scheduling/Events system
★ Stat-raising

Unavailable Features:
★ Even more words
★ Actual CGs
★ Many other tracks
★ More user-friendly GUI ( :-( )
★ Ability to hang out with love interests/give presents ( :-( )
★ Battling, Crafting (brewing), and Inventory system

Artist, Writer, Programmer - chocojax (http://chocojax.tumblr.com/)
Musician - Ziassan (https://soundcloud.com/ziassan/)
Musician - Doctor Jekyll (https://soundcloud.com/doctor_jekyll/)
Editor - Lunch

Version updates:
v0.13 - Fixed rollback; extend for 3 weeks; minor typo fixes.

Install instructions

1. Extract the .ZIP file.
2. Copy the /game/ folder from the .ZIP file into %home%/Les-Contes-Magiques-0.XX-all
3. Replace the files (click Yes).


Les-Contes-Magiques-0.13-all.zip 66 MB
patch_0.12-to-0.13.zip 204 kB